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A joint campaign between the Employee Ownership Association and Co‑operatives UK

Pledge your support

Staff from Richer Sounds

Pledge your support for more employee and worker ownership in the UK.

The Employee Ownership Association and Co-operatives UK are calling on the Westminster Government to set an ambition for a fivefold increase in employee and worker ownership by the end of the next decade.

    We're specifically calling for £10 million to be allocated in the 2020 Spending Review, to expand our new Ownership Hub programme in 2022, after an initial pilot phase that we already have funding for. The Ownership Hub works in local business support ecosystems to:

    • Increase awareness and understanding of employee and worker ownership among entrepreneurs, workers, business owners and those who advise them.
    • Provide expert advice and support to aid the voluntary adoption of employee and worker ownership at start-up, during early development and via conversion.

    Read our full proposal here

    Help us to champion this cause by pledging your support for our proposal.

    Pledge your support

    I/we support the campaign led by Co-operatives UK and the Employee Ownership Association calling for £10 million funding in the 2020 Spending Review to support employee and worker ownership.
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