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Our board

Man holding voting paper

The board sets the strategic direction of Co-operatives UK.

Who is on our board?

The board is integral to the success of Co-operatives UK, providing direction and guidance to our Management Team. 

To ensure we represent all our members, we have seats reserved for different categories of co-ops. 

Each year we seek new directors to help us promote, develop and unite co-ops across the UK. Find out how to stand for election.

How do we elect Board members?
We have vacant seats across a number of categories of our membership each year.
Directors are elected by our members

Subcommittees, working groups and member groups

Our board is split into sub committees who make decisions on specific aspects of our governance including Audit & Risk and Remuneration.

The board also forms working groups to work through specific time sensitive issues such as developing the building that we own, Holyoake House, or celebrating our 150th anniversary.

Members who are not on our board can join our strategic member groups which are another way to influence our work.

Need help with your own board?

Access a range of resources, information, advice and training to effectively manage your co-operative’s governance and board performance.
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