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Member groups

Group of three people

We ensure that members influence our work. As well as our elected board of directors we run formal and informal member groups.

Formal member groups

These groups have agreed terms of reference, elections and their meetings are minuted.

The Co-operative Governance Expert Reference Panel is an independent and authoritative voice in the co-op sector for best practice in governance.

The HR Forum is made up of members who subscribe to our HR package. Led by our team of co-operative HR experts, the group meets regularly to discuss and share best practice in HR.

The Co-operative Performance Committee is an advisory panel of experts in the field of co-operative accounting practice and performance. It identifies and provide guidance on important strategic issues for the co-operative sector.

The Co-operative Development Forum enables organisations that provide business support co-operatives and mutuals to share best practice on co-operative development, as well providing guidance on upcoming issues.

The Co-operative and Community Capital Committee enables members and stakeholders to shape areas of best practice for the UK co-operative movement in the field of member capital, including:

• withdrawable share capital in co-operatives and community benefit societies

• the Community Shares Standard Mark 

• the Community Shares Handbook

• the Code of Practice on Withdrawable Share Capital and associated guidance

The Consumer Council enables directors and appointed representatives of our large retail societies to network and discuss matters of common interest, exchange information and ideas, and provide an opportunity for consultation with Co-operatives UK on all matters common to retail consumer co-operatives.

Want to know more about our member groups, or need help to start your own?

Informal member groups

Groups of members get together to share ideas, learn from each other and explore opportunities for collaboration.

The Membership and Communities Network (MACN) is attended by people working in membership and marketing roles in the larger retail societies. They meet three to four times a year to share knowledge, insights and to develop joint campaigns.

Retail Society Secretaries Network is attended by the society secretaries of our large retail societies and provides an opportunity for secretaries to keep on top of best practice in governance.

Treasurers Without Prejudice is for members who want to save on expert fees and tackle society and co-op finance-related topics together. While member treasurers do their work very well, all are not experts (many are volunteers), so advice shared is 'without prejudice'. For example, members could share the use of Xero software for online accounting (and logging community shares) or demonstrate the submission of annual returns online with the FCA. The group also provides opportunities for consultation with Co-operatives UK on topics including budgeting through a pandemic and coping with energy and cost of living increases.

Bringing members together
We host events aimed at specific types of member including the Co-op Retail Conference and Worker Co-op Weekend.
Request a copy of terms of reference for any sub-committee or member group
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