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Developing culture

Suma warehouse

A strong culture within your co-op will help your co-op respond to change, recover and succeed. Here you'll find an overview of organisational culture.

The way we do things...

Culture is the environment that is around us all the time. It is unspoken, based on shared values, beliefs and attitudes and sometimes referred to as the 'way we do things around here’.

A positive culture can improve employee engagement levels and improve performance. It has the potential to tap in and unlock potential.

Leadership beyond leaders

It is vital that leaders - not necessarily just hierarchical - within your co-op embody the desired culture. This will help embed values and behaviours at all levels; creating understanding, unity and inspiring everyone to move in the same direction. And inspiring, supporting and encouraging leadership beyond your 'leaders' will also strengthen your culture.

Your co-op's culture will be guided and shaped by individual values and principles. You can make a start by taking a pulse-check to understand the unspoken environment within your co-op. 

Tips for creating a pulse survey
Our Head of Culture, Jenny Holsgrove, has some words of wisdom to get your pulse survey ticking all the right boxes.

Develop your culture

We can support your co-op's journey towards a more positive culture
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