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A joint campaign between the Employee Ownership Association and Co‑operatives UK


Policy campaign

2nd November 2020
Last updated
30th September 2021
Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Policy issue
Worker ownership
Group of warehouse workers

We've teamed up with the Employee Ownership Association (EOA) to champion the expansion of employee and worker ownership in the UK. 

Together, we're advocating a five-fold expansion in employee and worker ownership over the next decade, leading to one million employee and worker owners in the UK by 2030. It's ambitious, but crucial if we're to improve job creation and retention; if we want to increase increase productivity; if we want more inclusive businesses; if we want more sustainable development and good work.

What do we want government to do? 

  • Help create and retain 1 million good jobs as part of COVID-19 response and over the next decade, by supporting more businesses to voluntarily adopt employee and worker ownership 
  • Help secure the future of potentially viable businesses and jobs
  • Help more people build great new livelihoods through entrepreneurship 
Quote mark
To me the decision to sell the company to my colleagues was an obvious one. Nobody knew my business better than the people in it and we’d created a culture together.
– Julian Richer, founder of Richer Sounds

How can government achieve this?

Right now we propose allocating up to £6 million in the 2021 Spending Review to support up to 12 Combined Authorities or Local Enterprise Partnerships to participate in our Ownership Hub programme. The Ownership Hub is a new multi-million pound programme that works in local business support ecosystems to:

  • increase awareness and understanding of employee and worker ownership among entrepreneurs, workers, business owners and those who advise them
  • provide expert advice and support to aid the voluntary adoption of employee and worker ownership at start-up, during early development and via conversion

Join the campaign

Add your voice to calls from Co-operatives UK and the EOA for the Westminster government to set an ambition for a five-fold increase in employee and worker ownership by the end of the decade.
What else are we asking government to do
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